Whether you wanted to view a house before buying it or have a tour of your favorite holiday destination, a complete 3D lookout of it or a video would be very helpful. Nowadays, you can have interactive tours of various sites and locations from the comfort of your chair.

Tourweaver Standard helps you create all-around, interactive virtual tours. You can build a tour of any location or place, as long as you provide the photos of it.

In order to function properly, the application requires Adobe Flash Player and Internet Explorer installed on your computer.

Tourweaver Standard allows you to create virtual tours using photos. You can insert any photo, as the application will load it and try to warp it to create the sensation of 3D. Furthermore, you can set your images to align on the layout differently, so your presentations will be ordered and professional-looking.

In addition, you can add various objects and data to your presentation, such as 3D models, multimedia files, lists and pop-up windows.

Tourweaver Standard gives you the possibility to change the output format of our project, depending on the device that will use it. You can create Flash VR and SWF files that can be easily inserted into webpages, EXE standalone files that can be burned in discs, or HTML5 virtual tours for Android and iOS based devices.

Additionally, you can add various effects to your presentation, such as day to night transition, gyroscope effect or image hotspots, which can enhance your final virtual tour.

Tourweaver Standard can help you easily create stunning virtual tours of any site, location or place. Due to its nature, it is well suited for people who own public proprieties, such as restaurants, hotels or resorts.