Amazon Music is a complex yet very user-friendly piece of software aimed to offer you the ability to listen and download the songs from your Amazon account, allowing you to play any of your favorite music with ease.

The problem with the software, however, is that almost every feature is hidden behind a paywall in the form of a monthly subscription that can eventually build up in time to the point where looking for other streaming services sounds more appealing.

That is when a program such as TunePat Amazon Music Converter can come in handy

The program allows you to log into your Amazon music account safe and securely, and even the UI is made to resemble the original program as much as possible. This compatibility is taken to the extent that you can even manage your Amazon payments through this app. Essentially this makes TunePat Amazon Music Converter a veritable Amazon Music client, but with the added benefit of you being able to download and convert the music you list to it without any limitations.

All you need to do to get started is let Amazon Music create a playlist for you, and then press TunePat Amazon Music Converter's proprietary "Download" button to get started. You'll get to choose which songs to save from that playlist and which not, and then you can proceed to convert them into one of the many supported audio formats (currently MP3, AAC, FLAC, and WAV).

Even though online streamings services are getting more and more popular, not every place in the world gives you access to the Internet, so having the music stored on your local hard drive is still the better option in some cases. This makes having a third-party tool like TunePat Amazon Music Converter seem all the more appealing.