TVLivePlayer is a simple utility used to watch online TV channels, listen to radio stations and play media files.

This program has a user-friendly interface with three main areas to control all the actions. After launch, an intro animation is displayed, which is played in a loop, waiting for commands. Full screen mode can be easily accessed from the main window. To play the channels all you have to do is double click the icon corresponding to the media.

From the main window you can easily access the playlist and reveal options for playing files. These include opening a file or folder, saving the playlist or changing the background color. Although the controls are simple and can be accessed fast, some of the options are not in English. The program can also play media files.

It includes stations from Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. If you don't find your favorite channel in the list, you can add it by name and location or by specifying the corresponding PLS file. To open a URL, just add the Internet server location using the "Program" tab. Another feature for this software application is an autoscan for a selected channel with a customizable delay measured in milliseconds. If you are bothered by the small bottom browser window, just switch to "Large Screen" mode, where only the player's options are revealed.

Overall, TVLivePlayer is a software application handy for users who like watching online TV and want to have multiple channels available to them.