VideoPower RED is a multi-purpose utility that strives to bring its users a variety of basic functions that can come in handy in certain situations. If by any chance you are looking to download videos from popular sharing sites, for a screen recorder, or even a video converter, VideoPower RED has all these and something more.

The download function is intuitive and very easy to master. Once a YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Lynda, Vevo, etc. are copied to the clipboard, you can click on the Paste URL button. From that moment a smaller tab that golds the output options pops up. Once you've done choosing the video and audio features, you can click OK to start the download.

Besides the direct download, the app provides with batch downloading function. To activate it, you have to click on the next button to the right of the Paste URL one. Once you're done, paste all the links in the new bat. All videos will be placed in a queue and automatically downloaded. As a small useful feature, you can opt to shut down, lock, or put your computer into sleep mode. This can be done from the little clock icon located on the lower left part of the UI.

The screen recorder doesn't need an in-depth explanation as it appears to be very straightforward. One thing to pay attention to is the small System Sound combo menu, from where you decide which audio feeds (System sound or Microphone) should be active while recording.

As for the Library, some of us would wonder what's that about. Apparently, the library comprises lists with popular videos gathered probably from the supported sites. Moreover, the library functions on the same principles as the YouTube recommended section, and one can even perform keywords searches.

If you plan to convert your videos to different formats or you just want to trim or cut a clip, the Convert tab should have you covered. Just drop a video in and choose the output format from dozens of video, audio, and device-specific file types. Furthermore, VideoPower RED lets you enrich clips by adding visual effects, subtitles, or watermarks.

To summarize, VideoPower RED might not the most popular or professional tool out there, but if downloading and converting videos is part of your daily routine, you should give this one a try.