WebAnimator Plus combines ease of use with a rich collection of tools ready to assist you in creating appealing and innovative HTML5 presentations and animations that can be easily accessed on any mobile device or desktop PC, provided a compatible web browser is installed.

Unlike WebAnimator, the Plus edition comes with some additional features that can enrich a presentation with embedded audio and video components or fully interactive buttons that trigger specific actions.

More experienced programmers will be happy to find out that WebAnimator Plus comes with a ready-to-use API that can be used for controlling elements in the presentation, as well as an integrated JavaScript editor with syntax highlighting and other similar features designed to help you build your own custom functions and controls.

What the Plus edition shares with WebAnimator is actually their common utmost advantage: it enables you to work with graphic elements, rather than having to write code to obtain the same result, which makes both applications suitable even for those who are not particularly familiar with HTML coding.

There are a few templates that offer a starting point, but most users might prefer creating their project from scratch. Projects can be split in multiple scenes and each scene can be manipulated individually. The application features keyframing to customize the CSS properties of all the objects and integrates a rich live animation collection.

WebAnimator Plus ensures full compatibility with the latest web browsers, enabling you to create compelling presentations, movies, small games, ads or animations. And thanks to its built-in JavaScript editor, more advanced users can use specific functions to control objects much easier.

To sum up, this application can deliver impressive results once you discover its full potential, delivering HTML5 content that can be played on desktop PCs, smartphones and tablets alike. All you need is lots of inspiration and a bit of practice.