Woven is an excellent organizer. It offers much more than the vast majority of planners do, as it combines, in one place, multi-calendar management, in-built video conferencing, analytics and time-tracking functions, and cross-device synchronization.

We all know how exhausting it can be to switch between calendars, organizers, team planners, video conferencing platforms, and time-trackers. It's even worse when you realize you've been working for four hours already and forgot to track your time. Woven might be the solution to your needs, helping you keep the most commonly used organizational tools in one place.

How is that possible? First of all, it is a calendar organizer. Therefore, you add your events, meeting invitations, and plans. The tool allows inserting additional calendars, so you can manage both personal and professional commitments, from the same dashboard. After planning the next few days, your analytics section will reflect how your time is allocated by distributing it in the following categories: focus, travel, and video call. The more you use the app, the more insightful it gets, and additional options become available (e.g. time summaries).

Woven is meant to be used as a cross-device tool. It is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and as an online application. The planner allows setting and managing your video calls from the home view. Once you have added your Zoom/Google Meet link to an entry, you will be able to join the video conference with a single click, without leaving the Woven dashboard.

Moreover, users can create polls to address different issues or ask for their teammates' opinions. At the same time, the application can store templates (for recurrent situations and similar entries), enables you to share your availability with people outside your company (without revealing your scheduled activities), and offers easy scheduling via link sharing — select your available time slots for a specific event and share that link via email or SMS.

All things considered, Woven is a neatly-structured app that looks awesome and is super fast. The program has a solid structure and offers efficient features for solving real issues.