4Videosoft RM Converter is meant to help users in saving their favorite Real Media files to most popular multimedia formats.

The program can load multiple files at the same, and this also extends to the conversion process. The fact that it supports batch-file operations makes the tool a very powerful application, more-so since multimedia files are regularly placed in the same folder and can, thus, be loaded in groups.

While only RA, RMVB, RM and RAM can be imported into the working list, there is a wide range of export formats. These include more popular ones, like AVI, MOV, MP4 and FLV, but also more specific file-types, such as 3GP, 3G2 (for mobile devices).

Once source files have been loaded, users can filter them by unchecking items that are not needed for conversion. A nice auxiliary tool is the “Merge into one file” option since it removes the need to run another program in order to join multiple videos into one clip.

All list entries can be verified before conversion by using the built-in player. When checking their source videos, users can also take snapshots (JPEG, GIF or BMP format).

Users who like to tweak with their videos before conversion will find the “Trim” and “Crop” functions very handy. These allow fine-tuning before conversion. The latter option is highly customizable.

There are five predefined modes to choose from and if those do not solve the problem, a “Custom” crop mode allows full control over the parameters. The Zoom mode can also be adjusted (4:3, 16:9, fullscreen and keep original are all valid options).

In conclusion, 4Videosoft RM Converter is a good resource for fast conversions from Real Media to other common multimedia formats. There are multiple saving options and the two built-in effects are enough for most basic video improvements.