Math is more than just a difficult subject in school, and it can be found nearly anywhere around us. Businesses of all kinds need accurate numbers when working with accounts and client information. In this regard, Accounting Budget Analysis comes as an Excel workbook fully prepared to handle your business’ accounting needs.

Needless to say that Microsoft Office needs to be installed on your computer since this is an Excel workbook. It simply needs to be launched, without any particular integration requirements. It’s prepared with an abundance of spreadsheets, most of them fitted with formulas for automatic calculus and filling of cells with data.

It’s recommended to start off by taking a look over the configuration, and you’re also encouraged to modify and tweak cells and tables to better observe functionality, especially since there’s little help along the way, or pop-up messages to annoy you to do this and that.

The initial spreadsheet is where you find general company information you need to fill in, as well as several cells which automatically update based on content, such as balance accounts, trade debtors and creditors, customers and suppliers, projects, and more.

Particular worksheets are specially-made to generate reports, such as customer and supplier sub accounts based on item name and number.

The program is able to handle VAT values in your projects, with the possibility to insert multiple levels. General ledger sheet is where all threads are united. Elements can be hidden and viewed for better analysis, with options to insert or copy journal entries.

A lot more management options are found throughout the sheets. Budget salary lets you plan salary expenses yearly, development, manufacture, and production can be tracked according to item inventory and budget, while the Gantt timeline provides a clear overview of your entire business plan.

To sum it up, Accounting Budget Analysis is a one-stop solution for business management, especially if you prefer holding all your data in Excel workbooks. Plans and sheets are well-organized and linked together, with automatic filling of data and calculus, as well as overviews of activity and possibility of generating reports.