The basic “Find and Replace” tool provided by Microsoft Excel is great for searching keywords and data throughout your worksheets, but it can be further enhanced using plugins, such as Advanced Find and Replace for Microsoft Excel.

It allows you to quickly search the information you need through various sheets, then locate it with ease. In order to properly work, the application requires Microsoft Excel and .Net Framework installed and running on your computer.

The add-on provides you with a convenient and fast way of searching information through your spreadsheets, then retrieve its location, specifically the cells that contain it. By doing so, you can instantly check every occurrence of a keyword, without having to scroll through each one specifically, which would be done using the regular “Find Next” button.

Aside from this, you can narrow down your search results, depending on your criteria. For instance, you can search for the occurrence of a certain keyword only in cells that solely contain values, formulas, comments or hyperlinks.

Advanced Find and Replace for Microsoft Excel can help you easily find all the information you need from your spreadsheets then export it to a new workbook, thus enhancing the default application that deals with this matter.

This way, you can find and replace information only within the currently active sheet or in each one contained by your workbook. This is a handy feature that can help you avoid replacing information in cells that cannot be modified or that you do not have to tamper with.

To conclude, Advanced Find and Replace for Microsoft Excel is ideal for overcoming the little drawbacks that the default Excel utility presents when searching for information, such as singular data occurrence tracking.