There are many multimedia players out there, some more feature-packed than others, yet the main goal for all of them is to convince users that they are best in their field.

However, those who were not convinced by any of them until now and who prefer apps to be as simple as possible can try aMultimedia.

The application install without any issues on computers where .NET Framework 3.5 has already been installed and it relies heavily on the functions provided by Windows Media Player (play, pause, stop, adjust volume or playback speed).

In other words, it will only be able to correctly play audio and video formats natively supported by Windows, such as MP3, WAV, WMV or AVI - additional formats can be supported once the adequate codecs are installed.

The graphic interface is quite minimalistic, and you need to manually browse to the file you want to play since drag-and-drop is not supported. Moreover, you can only play one file at a time, as you cannot create a playlist where you could add the videos and songs you want to enjoy next.

aMultimedia also comes with some extra tools which allow you to quickly take notes while the music or video are playing the background. For example, you rely on it to write down some interesting lines you hear in a song or a movie.

Another additional utility that is included within aMultimedia is a clock that displays the current computer time and that you can also use as a calendar, to jump to the month and day you choose.

To wrap it up, aMultimedia is a useful application that you can rely on whenever you want to enjoy a video and you do not necessarily want any complex settings. However, if you are looking for playlist or subtitle support, you will need to look for another multimedia player.