This funny little app is definitely one you should consider downloading, especially if you have young ones at home. Not only does it have an educational purpose, but it could very well be an excuse to have fun with your children. Animal Sounds Soundboard is exactly what you expect it to be, an application that has the ability to reproduce various animal sounds.

Well, the most obvious job for such an app is to teach kids about animals and the specific sounds they make. One shouldn't undermine the educational role this app has and the value it can provide when used; for example, during a lesson in preschool. It might appeal to newer generations, seeing as how technology has become part of their daily lives.

Another use for this little program could be pranking someone. Yes, you could have loads of fun with this application and could even use it to scare people away. While these are some of the more kooky ideas, it's fair to assume that most will take into consideration the educational aspect it carries.

The layout is simple. The menu on the left will not be of much service. From there, you can allow the app to randomly select an animal and produce its sound, or you could record a specific sequence. You could create background noise for a children's song, for example. The rest of the app is comprised of clickable animal pictures. You can choose to play one specific sound or to repeat one or more simultaneously.

Animal Sounds Soundboard is an application that you'll most definitely want to try with your children and friends. It's fun and educative. It's quite probable it will be a popular application with younger students in preschool. No matter how you look at it, Animal Sounds Soundboard seems like an interesting application to have around.