Antamedia Print Manager is a tool designed to provide users with simple yet efficient print management capabilities, while also helping them save time and money.

The application provides users with increased control over the various printing jobs set up for the different printers available within a company, while also allowing them to restrict user access to these devices.

Basically, the tool offers a control panel interface from where various attributes can be controlled either for individual or groups of users or printers.

The software can be used to view statistics on the connected printers, as well as to view usage reports on each of them. Users can apply various filters in order to create the most relevant reports.

The application allows users to define specific settings for each of their printers, while also allowing them to change these settings at any time, with a minimum of effort. Users can also view and edit database settings with only a few mouse clicks.

The software allows for simple management of the list of employees that have access to a printers, and also offers the possibility to define various account types for them.

With the help of this app, users can control printing costs easier than before, and can also set specific rules for different customers that have access to the company's printers.

Users have the possibility to manage money balance directly from the software, and can choose to pause or even cancel a printing job in the even of a low money balance, which can not cover the printing costs. They can also choose to send a message to the user, to explain the situation.

Overall, Antamedia Print Manager is an intuitive professional tool designed to provide users with increased management over printing jobs within a company, while also allowing them to restrict access to printers, and to check the money balance of specific accounts. However, users might experience some compatibility issues when trying to install it on computers running under Windows 8 or newer.