AppleXsoft Hard Drive Copy is a handy tool aimed at helping you when it comes to copying entire partitions or disks.

The application has been designed with a simple, easy-to-use interface that makes it suitable both for beginners and for users with advanced technical knowledge.

The program's main window allows you to select the specific operation you want to perform. You can choose to copy a partition or an entire disk, copy files from drive to another, erase partitions, or check disks for bad sectors.

Provided that you bought a new hard drive and you want to move all of your files to the new one, you can take advantage of AppleXsoft Hard Drive Copy's One Click Disk Migration feature for that, as it automatically selects the source and destination drives and expands partitions proportionally during the migration process.

The software includes an advanced disk/partition migration mode, which allows you to select the source and destination disks, along with the copy method and settings for the destination drive.

AppleXsoft Hard Drive Copy can help you when it comes to migrating only files and folders from an older hard drive to a new one, or from a partition/directory to another one situated on the same disk.

With this application, you can delete disks and partitions that you no longer need or you want to clean. Keep in mind that the process uses one of four delete patterns that prevent data recovery.

When you want to check the health of your hard disks, simply open up the Bad Sector Scan function included in the app, which will check your drives for any physical damage.

Considering the above, AppleXsoft Hard Drive Copy can easily prove the application to go for when it comes to disk or partition migration. It is easy-to-use, includes powerful capabilities, and feels quite snappy, though keep in mind that copying entire drives takes time, especially if you choose to migrate them sector-by-sector.