Create your own video shows in just a few mouse clicks.

ArKaos VJ is the dazzling fast software that will enable you to put out outstanding video shows in a matter of seconds. Build a full performance using a few simple video loops from your hard drive by mixing and altering them using more than 100 real-time effects.

It's an ideal performing tool with customizable effects and flexible control

thanks to the double monitoring management.

Here are some key features of "Arkaos VJ MIDI":

· ArKaos VJ supports full MIDI suites, both on-screen and off, as well as such music authoring applications as Cubase, E-Magic, ReWire.

· On top of the 60+ original ArKaos effects, version 3.5 now supports additional FreeFrame effects

· Comes with 42 pre-loaded FreeFrame effects and you can get many more other effects from the FreeFrame web site

· ArKaos VJ renders in 32bit colors high quality and supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 px

· Supports direct rendering to DV through FireWire

· Advanced transfer modes allows you to combine your visuals together with masks (Luma keying, Chroma keying,..) and copy modes (Addition, Substraction) to produce a lot of different display effects.

· Customizable Flash animations with editable text makes it easy to display on-screen messages in just a few clicks.

· Allows advanced control on movie playback, easily accessible through the Visual Info dialog box, enabling the users to make a frame accurate selection of the part they wish to play inside a video sequence aswell as how they wish to play it (forward / backward / loop, ...).

· New automation mode to stack intelligently visuals and effects producing a smooth and natural automated performance.


· Processor: Pentium™ III 500 Mhz; Pentium™ IV 1.2 Ghz recommended

· RAM: 256MB; 512MB recommended

· Media players:

· QuickTime™ 6.5.x or more (to play / export .mov files)

· Windows Media Player™ 9 or more (to play .wma / export .wmv files)

· Macromedia Flash player 7 or more (to play .swf files)

· Other: Direct X™ 9.0c or more (to play / export .mpg .mpeg .asf .wmv files / camera support)


· 21-day trial period

· Does not support Windows 95