HTML2exe is the fastest way to produce an e-book or catalog. The compiler has been optimized to handle thousands of html pages per minute.

With HTML2EXE you can produce an e-book in just 3 simple steps: Select your start/home page, enter the name of the Exe file to be created and finally click the compile button.

Your e-books are also very easy to distribute because everything is compiled into a single file. Unlike other compilers, the html and images in an html2exe e-book cannot be extracted from the e-book. The content of the e-books are also compressed. That means it is almost impossible for other people to copy your work.

HTML2EXE does all the work for you! Some compilers make you specify which files to compile. With html2exe you can just select your start/home page and html2exe will decide which other files are needed, even if they are in sub folders.

HTML2EXE is the fastest, smartest and easiest way to compile and distribute your HTML e-books on and off the web. With html2exe you can compile single pages or entire web sites into an easily distributable application. HTML2EXE takes all your html and images files and compresses them into a single e-book file which you can distribute on CD, floppy or even by e-mail.

Here are some key features of "Arlington HTML2EXE Wizard":

■ Compiles all pages, images, flash files etc into a standalone EXE.

■ Simple 3 step interface.

■ Uses advanced compression to minimise the size of the EXE.

■ No special software required on your clients PC.

■ Optionally set a password to protect your pages.

■ Comes with built in Custom Browser for your clients.

■ Customize the toolbar of the Custom Browser with your own icons and layout.

■ Set a title that appears in the caption bar of the built in Custom Browser.

■ Optionally create an Autorun file for use with CD distribution (available if you register program).

■ Optionally set an expiry period such that your client's eBook will expire unless they enter an Activation key that you have supplied them with (available if you register program).


■ Intel Pentium processor; 300 MHz or faster recommended

■ 64 MB RAM; additional memory recommended.

■ 16 MB of available hard drive space


■ 10-days trial