Usually shops play relaxing music in the background, to encourage customers not only to visit them, but to have a good time while shopping.

Occasionally, some announcements need to be made, and if they refer to frequent discounts or other offers, they most likely need to be played on a regular basis. And this is where Audio Looper comes in handy.

Most of the functions of this application are packed within its main window, so you have them within reach at all times.

This way, you can play a chosen song in the background, then select a different audio to be lopped on top of it.

You can set the application to repeat the second track for a given period of time, to play for a few times, or to loop it to fit the background audio duration.

Moreover, you can modify the volume for each loaded song, so you can play the background one a little bit quieter, and the second one louder. This way, you can be sure nobody has a hard time listening to your shop's offers.

Another handy feature of Audio Looper is choosing the action to be initiated once the music stops playing.

You can simply take it from the beginning, exit the app or just do nothing. Alternatively, you can put the host computer to hibernation, sleep, log off or shut it down completely. You can also set the PC to be automatically locked.

In a nutshell, Audio Looper can help you simplify the task of your employees in charge with playing both background music, and the current discounts. They can simply create the configuration they prefer, then leave the app to just repeat the audio until closing time.