Mobile phones and special cameras can all record videos, and you can even do this with a connected webcam. However, output can be of various different formats, each preserving quality in its own way. In case you need to perform conversion and editing, then Aunsoft MKV Converter lets you work with MKV files, with an abundance of options at your disposal.

The application comes with a custom-made interface that manages to get your attention from the moment it shows up on your desktop. Some space is dedicated to storing the files you load, along with info like name, duration, trimmed length, and destination, with a preview panel to sneak peek at content, and a set of controls to manage output quality and destination.

As the name suggests, the application is only capable of processing MKV files, which you can either add individually through file selection, or importing the content of an entire folder, since batch processing is supported. Output, on the other hand, gives you the possibility to export under countless different formats, which you find neatly organized in device categories, or with options for manual customization.

You can either pick a different format for each file you want to convert, or choose one configuration for the whole process. When initiating preview, there’s the possibility to have snapshots taken and saved under different types of image files.

Another component of Aunsoft MKV Converter is the built-in editor, fitted with different options that let you crop, trim, apply text or video watermarks, enhance by adjusting color sliders or applying various effects, and edit the audio layer. Moreover, subtitles can be managed, with the possibility to add and edit them as well.

Bottom line is that videos are a major component of the modern virtual world, and you can’t just share them as capture with your device. Some aren’t even compatible with specific requirements in terms of quality and format, and is the reason Aunsoft MKV Converter is packed with options to convert, edit, and adjust quality with various options.