Bartender Express Pro is a neat application specially developed to assist bartenders in their job. It has a large library which contains around 25.000 recipes and offer the possibility to add new mixes to it.

The interface feels like a Microsoft Office program which gives a professional impression to it. The main part of the UI is the left grid that opens the way to the recipes and info. When "Bartender Recipes" is selected, several drink classes are listed above. Those classes cover most of the drinks server in bars all around the world.

The application provides so much information about beverages that even an inexperienced bartender can take full advantage of it. The recipes are classified in eight different classes which contain their drink types. For example, if you need to mix some shots, go to "Shots," and a long list of shots will be displayed. Furthermore, all drinks have the exact amounts of ingredients and the preparation info attached to them. SImply double-click the recipe and start to mix.

An interesting feature is the blood alcohol calculator which uses three vectors to determine how affected could a person be after a given amount of alcohol. The calculator needs the body weight, the number of drinks, and the hours since the first glass. As the alcohol levels are different, this calculator is not 100% on point, but it gives you a good idea about somebody's state.

This feature is clearly intended for customers and less likely for bartenders. The bar finder lets you search for bars available in your area. Simply write down the City, and the State/Province and all locations are going to be listed along with address and schedule.

In conclusion, Bartender Express Pro is a handy app that offers a huge archive of drinks, cocktails, punches and non-alcoholic beverages and also information about ingredients and preparation. At first sight, it may seem that only bartenders can make good use of this app, but due to its features, it opens up to a larger base of users.