Pressing the 'Delete' button on your keyboard and emptying the Recycle Bin afterwards does not mean that the files you erased are completely gone. In order to make sure that important documents cannot be recovered, you need a reliable file wiping solution and one example is BitRaser for File.

This particular application can permanently erase files from your computer, deleting all the leftovers from the computer. While its name suggests otherwise, the application is not limited to shredding files: it can also delete folders, activity traces and even entire drives.

The application is ready to assist you in selecting the files, folders or drives you want to completely get rid of and delete them in an instant. Furthermore, you can create so-called 'erasure lists', which contain files and directories that will be wiped in one click.

Aside from files, folders and drives, BitRaser for File can also delete data traces from the unused disk space. To do so, it uses different wiping algorithms for both the unused space and the file settings.

As such, data can be overwritten with zeroes, randomly generated numbers, while more complex algorithms (Russian Standard, Gutmann, US Air Force) are dedicated to extremely sensitive data and files.

In addition to this, the application can remove activity traces from your PC, which comes in handy if you share the computer with other users. In just a few minutes, it can delete user data, memory dumps, RSS cache, Windows error reports, search history and so on.

BitRaser for File has a simple purpose, namely to protect your privacy and preventing others from recovering files you thought were deleted for good. And thanks to the integrated scheduler, you can easily instruct the application to take care of wiping a certain file or folder at a user-defined time.