Bluesky Video Capture is a simple filter designed to work with the DirectShow multimedia framework in order to help you record activity from your desktop or from an application’s window.

Bluesky Video Capture displays a user-friendly interface which makes it accessible to just about anyone. From its main window you are able to choose between one of three capture modes, select frame rate and other application settings.

All the features and options are placed in plain sight, making them easy to spot and use in any circumstances.

Bluesky Video Capture allows you to record from any section of your screen. It enables you to manually enter the coordinates or size for the capture region, but also provides the means for automatic selection.

You can choose to manually create the selection by using the mouse to define the capture area, or you can have Bluesky Video Capture automatically select the active window that is found under the mouse cursor.

In all cases, you are offered a window which allows you to fine-tune the selection in case you need to. All that is required is that you enter the new coordinates and click an ‘Ok’ button.

Bluesky Video Capture can simplify on screen recording even more as it is able to identify applications that are currently running on your system and with just a click, capture from them. Moreover, you are given the options to remove their border and even hide the Taskbar while recording.

With the above to consider and a bit more to discover about Bluesky Video Capture, it’s safe to say that if you’re looking for a practical DirectShow filter to help you capture video, then you should try this one.