Blur Youtube Watcher is an easy-to-use application that enables you to load YouTube videos in a minimalistic window, without having to resort to a web browser.

For example, the app can help you focus on YouTube tutorials or documentaries by creating a distraction-free zone. In other circumstances, you can use it to easily watch a video while working on something else on the computer.

Installing the YouTube app doesn't take long. However, you should make sure to have .NET Framework installed on the PC, since it cannot work without this software framework.

As far as the interface is concerned, Blur Youtube Watcher adopts a standard .NET Framework and doesn't put emphasis on visual features, preferring to stick to functionality instead.

In the empty box, you can type or paste a link from the clipboard, then click "Play Video" to load it in the embedded video player. It's also possible to look up a video using YouTube's own search function.

The "Search For Video" button doesn't launch your web browser but an integrated browser of Blur Youtube Watcher that's dedicated to YouTube only. It has back, forward and search buttons. There are no other notable options implemented by the developer.

The biggest downside we've noticed in this application is the fact that it's not possible to resize the YouTube clips. This way, it's inconvenient to keep Blur Youtube Watcher opened while working in another program that deserves your attention.

Nevertheless, Blur Youtube Watcher delivers an uncomplicated solution for watching YouTube clips on your desktop without the help of a web browser. It's free and easy to use. Although it hasn't been updated for a significant amount of time, it worked smoothly on the newest Windows version in our tests.