If the financial field is somewhat your weak point or you just prefer to perform exact calculations of all your income and investments, a dedicated tool may come in handy. Boachsoft Plata is a smart application able to cover most, if not, all of the financial equations that you may deal with.

Some of the calculation methods listed within the UI are domain-related and can be understood and identified by experienced users only. However, all the calculators are equipped with a colorful icon that depicts their type of process along with a short title.

Boachsoft Plata can help you with a great deal of financial problems and calculations. For example, if you need to keep track of your loans, savings and mortgages, there are individual methods for each and every one. Furthermore, you can simulate a retirement plan, foresee the inflation levels and calculate your tax returns and variations ratios for companies and investments.

Regarding investments, the IRR/NPV calculator lets you study the numbers and figure out when it's the right time or if it’s profitable to invest in a business. The ROI method, the growth rate and the CAPM calculator can be used as well in profit oriented processes.

Besides the obvious Windows support, Boachsoft Plata can be also installed on an Android device, like a smartphone or tablet. This way you can always make sure that when the situation arises, you can deal with it on the move or wherever you find yourself at the moment.

To sum it up, Boachsoft Plata is a smart utility that can help you calculate your finances straight from your computer or from your Android device. It packs around sixteen calculation methods that cover most of the economic and financial processes an open market has to offer.