Time management is crucial when dealing with work tasks or projects, especially when there are several participants or even teams involved. Maintaining a good time tracking is critical for improving work efficiency and results. Clockify will empower users with the ability to save their tasks and projects and easily and record the amount of time spent on each one. Furthermore, the automatically generated reports it creates will offer useful insight into productivity and other indices.

One of the very first steps that users need to undergo when deploying the app is to register an account on the Clockify website. Logging into a dedicated web-panel, they will find a tabbed interface that offers the ability to add, view and edit multiple tasks simultaneously.

The panel also derives reports based on the data entered by the users and options for exporting or saving the reports are also present, with support for the most common formats such as PDF, XLSX or CSV, for further processing.

With the app installed on one’s PC, keeping track of the activity on other devices such as smartphones makes things far easier when traveling or switching locations for work. The application allows users to start projects or activities at any time, the activity is synced in real time, provided that an Internet connection is available

Support for tags also makes things easier, offering the possibility to quickly set-up and define new tasks or projects and assign different characteristics to them.

Time-tracking in an accessible and deploy-able form could be of interest for numerous users who are involved in multiple projects or tasks, regardless if these are work-related or not. Clockify will provide an environment specially designed for creating tasks and keeping track of the elapsed time for each one, making sure that additional data is also accounted for.