As with any skill, improvement often lays in repetition, and this is particularly true of sports, where perfecting a move is every professional athlete’s purpose. This is done with the help of coaches, but it can also be aided by software, such as Coach's Eye.

This tool is an accessible and easy to understand application that can be installed from the Windows Store on any devices using Windows 8.1 as an operating system, helping you analyze videos individually or in side-by-side comparison.

Coach's Eye features a user-friendly interface, keeping in tune with the Metro style imposed by the OS and being quite practical on all sorts of devices.

The main window of the utility displays a menu from where various locations can be accessed, such as ‘Home’, ‘My Videos’, ‘Teams’ or ‘Notifications’.

To load videos into the program, you can use the ‘Add’ button in the lower left corner. It enables you to either import locally stored files in popular formats or to record a file with the help of a connected camera, loading it straight into Coach's Eye.

Files can be played at regular speed or in slow motion, letting you analyze every movement made by the athlete. A set of drawing tools ( lines, arrows, circles, etc.) are meant to help you emphasize various actions and draw attention onto them.

Moreover, Coach's Eye enables you to load and compare two different videos, being able to analyze differences between them frame by frame. This way, you can determine when a mistake is made and correct it.

Overall, Coach's Eye is a useful piece of software intended for professional sports people, who can have a lot to benefit from using it to visually analyze their recordings of games or practices. One notable drawback, however, is the difficulty in rendering files in slow motion, as it may freeze at times.