Be it that you’re a photographer, image processing professional or just an avid user of graphics suites, having a good grasp on colors and their characteristics is crucial, especially with regards to the dedicated, color picker feature. However, if you need to bring that functionality to a browsing environment, things can get complicated. Color Picker for Chrome is here to save you from having to use both your browser and an additional graphics editor for color-related aspects, thanks to a capable eye dropper extension.

Once installed, the extension is ready to go instantly, and although the developer advises that it might have some initial lag or, fail to work on certain websites, we never experienced any issues whatsoever.

Just like a dedicated color picker, the extension features a nice set of crosshairs and double windows for both zooming on the selected area, as well as displaying the corresponding color codes. However, it would have been nice to be able to resize those areas, for a more comprehensive overview of the selection.

When dealing with a “crowded” browsing situation or, simply if you prefer to have things neatly structured, you can always detach the color dropper’s main working window, and have it floating around, as an individual instance. This is highly useful, especially when working with multiple apps simultaneously.

Thankfully, the extension features a very detailed option set, with items that are meant at allowing you to create your own working experience. Loads of parameters can be adjusted, especially those regarding the color codes, zooming, or CSS associations for color spaces.

This Chrome extension manages to provide a solid performance when it comes to its color picker abilities, making it hard to distinguish from the ones present in established graphics suites, especially considering it’s being deployed in a browser. The overall built, handling, as well as abundant options, make it a reliable choice if you’re looking for a way to grasp color codes in an online environment.