Complete Protection System - File Protection is an easy-to-use application that will help you protect your sensitive files and make them portable.

There are many reasons such as high profile loss of data with serious concequences, such as criminals data, child benefit data and more. In fact there are many reasons why documents shouldn't be easily accessible perhaps it is a employees review file, or plans for the future of your company or maybe it is just that secret suprise get away plan that you don't want anybody reading!

What ever your reason let us protect it. Although our protection system doesn't just encrypt files it also allows you to set rules on how they are used. For instance a CPS file can be configured so that it will automatically delete itself if opened after a certain date.

This is achieved by using our own file format and performing encryption on the file to a high level, with a .cps extension. Once this is done the files can only be opened by the CPS software, which is why our software is always free for people who just want to read a CPS file.