Context Note is a lightweight application that can help you create sticky notes directly on your desktop that are based on the active window and are saved whenever you switch the window.

Installing this application on the target computer can be accomplished without significant efforts, as it comes with an intuitive wizard component that guides the entire setup process, making it easy to deploy even for novices.

The only necessary steps that need to be taken are accepting the End User License Agreement, specifying a target directory on the target computer and following the on-screen instructions.

Context Note comes with a simplistic, visually unappealing interface that packs small buttons and a couple of combo menus that can help you adjust a bunch of parameters according to your needs.

As a downside, the buttons are small and show little to no hints of their functionality. However, operating its controls once or twice can help you familiarize with them fairly easily.

You can turn to this application if you need to create window-specific sticky notes directly on your desktop. You can do so by just making a window active then start typing the note in the designated field.

Switching to another window automatically saves your previous note and removes it from your sight, making space for another one. If you decide to go back to one of your previously active windows, you will notice that the note will be changed accordingly.

Notes can also be locked if you want and it is even possible to set the app to use different colors for each window, making it easier to identify a note. You can view a list of records and delete them according to your wish.

To wrap it up, Context Note is a lightweight application that can help you save window-specific sticky notes with ease. It can be easily installed on the target PC and comes with a plain, unattractive interface that features small buttons. However, running the app once or twice can help you grow accustomed to it fairly quickly.