If you put your kids in front of a computer with no video games installed, they’ll probably go for the nearest graphics tool on the desktop. Like adults, children love to play with color, only they’re more open and direct about it.

So unless you want your little ones accidentally ruining one of your design projects (or if you just want them to start using fun and creative programs other than video games), you could just show them Crazy Coloring Book.

The program’s interface is extremely user-friendly, so your kids will have little difficulty in quickly learning all its functions. That being said, there aren’t really that many options for them to get lost in.

First, there’s the bucket tool which is a great way to effortlessly fill up white spaces and stay within the lines. Next, there’s the crayon tool which offers more freedom of movement and five brush sizes (from small to ENORMOUS). Lastly, the stamp tool allows your kids to stamp the page with a few stickers; the app lets them change the sticker’s size and rotation.

This is all very simple and fun, but the fact that there’s no eraser tool is probably Crazy Coloring Book’s main drawback. Sure, kids can always use a white bucket or crayon to better adjust the coloring, but an eraser would have felt more natural, and therefore seems like a missing feature.

Apart from that, Crazy Coloring Book has a lot of varied content that is sure to keep your kids busy. Color palettes can be easily organized, customized and even randomized so that they never run out of options. The color books that come with the program are varied in theme and difficulty, so there’s also a bit of challenge involved.

And I can’t end the review without mentioning the very cute feature that makes the app play a sound whenever you click on the interface. But that sound is actually a different note from a famous children’s song, like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or “Old MacDonald”. So if they draw by using many click, the kids also get to play a bit of music.

While it’s not perfect or unique, Crazy Coloring Book is nothing less than a great educational app for children.