Cryptor is an easy-to-use application designed to help you quickly encrypt and decrypt text and files, in order to prevent other PC users from snooping around your personal information. It features log files and program password protection, among other handy options.

After a fast setup operation that shouldn't impose any difficulties, you are greeted by a seemingly outdated interface made from a common window with a minimalistic structure, where you can select the encryption mode between text and file, input data or indicate an external file, and click a button to encrypt it. Decryption can be similarly done.

Text can be either typed, pasted from the Clipboard or imported from file, and you must enter a secret numerical key that will be required to decrypt the message. Cryptor lets you encrypt data up to several passes, depending on the complexity of the text. Messages may also be exported to TXT or Cryptor (.cry) format.

In case you want to encrypt an external file, it's possible to define the output file name and destination folder, as well as enter a text or numerical password used for its decryption.

Log details are displayed in the main window and can be saved to file. The utility implements options for copying text to the Clipboard, clearing text data, masking the key, always exporting text to file, password protecting the program, and automatically saving the log. Moreover, you can customize the interface and font colors.

We haven't encountered any stability issues in our tests, thanks to the fact that the tool didn't hang, crash or display error messages. It had minimal impact on computer performance, running on low CPU and RAM.

Thanks to its intuitive interface and options, Cryptor can be handled by any users looking to encrypt text messages and files. On the other hand, it hasn't been updated for a pretty long time, and there are many other apps out there that offer similar features for free.