CSV Easy is a feature-rich and practical application that comes in handy for everyone who wants to create table documents, similar to the Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, which can hold any type of information. It offers sorting and basic editing elements.

The provided interface is modern and accessible for both novices and experts consisting of an extensive toolbar, with quick commands, the working area, and specific details about each value/character.

You can either open an existing draft from the computer in CSV, CBD, and FXD or start from the beginning. The process is simple, just enter the desired number of rows and columns, along with the corresponding data. A downside is the fact that CSV Easy doesn't automatically display the typed text like almost all editors, but forces you to double click in the cell, to enter the values.

When selecting an item from the list, you can view its attributes at the bottom of the window, such as content, length, value, and character. Based on the inputted information, you are able to generate data analysis, which is opened in a new web browser tab, and can be copied to the clipboard.

If mistakes were made, the undo and redo arrows come in handy to go back to the previous content. It's possible to sort the info in ascending or descending order, tidy the text, by changing the letters to upper, lower or title case, and remove the space between words.

Another useful function is the auto-populate, that fills in the chosen columns with numbers, padding, elements, starting from a specific value and incrementing with a particular interval. Plus, new rows and columns can be inserted before or after, and cells shifted to left or right. The project may be saved to CSV, XML, CBD and FXD types.

The bottom line is that CSV Easy is a sophisticated yet intuitive program designed to provide an efficient and simple method to create tables with specific information, for various purposes, and export them to several common file formats.