Data Usage is a lightweight software application designed specifically for Windows 8 and Windows 10 users in order to help them gather information about the network traffic with the aid of charts. You can assign a different profile to each network and monitor connections separately.

The GUI looks intuitive and reveals all sorts of statistics about your network traffic. You can refresh the information with a single click. You cannot find a help manual included in the package but the configuration settings are easy to tweak, so you can handle the process on your own.

Data Usage for Windows 10/8.1 gives you the possibility of checking out details about the current connection (host name, external and local IP addresses, maximum speed, network and interface type, encryption, authentication, and signal strength) and network billing details (data plan, billing period, remaining days and data, upload, download and total usage).

A network usage chart records information about the download, upload and total network usage, while a network usage report shows details about the date, upload, download and total values. What’s more, the application reveals a network pie chart and allows you to filter the info by the current month, billing period, previous month or custom date range.

A few configuration settings hidden under the hood offer you the option to select the preferred network profile, specify the data plan, set up the start date of the billing period, and configure the data plan for a month, week or a custom date.

All in all, Data Usage for Windows 10/8.1 proves to be of great help in case you want to monitor and estimate your Internet usage and billing costs. The tool does not eat up a lot of CPU and memory resources so you can keep it running in the background for collecting network usage data.