DDClip is designed for video clips scoring, creating audio commercials, synchronizing voice with music. You can create, save, restore and playback projects of many tracks. It is non-destructive editor, it does not change source multimedia files.

A project may have up to 32 audio tracks, one track with midi sound, and one/two video tracks. Each track can contain unlimited number of clips. Clip is a reference to a continuous fragment (or a whole content) of audio or/and video data from source file.

An outstanding feature of the editor is the speed of playback, especially its audio part. DDClip also features a few separate editing tools, such as Audio, Midi or Video ones. The software is able to mix many sound tracks in real time.

Each track has solo/mute toggles. Master volume and balance can be set for whole project, each track and each clip. Moreover, clip may have its own volume and balance profile. You can apply real-time audio effects to clips, tracks and entire project (mix of all audio tracks).

DDClip has two main windows: Project and Clip Collection. The Project window contains all data and tools for project editing. The Clip Collection window may be considered as a handy storage for your audio and video source.