Decade PIM is a simple to use and reliable office assistant, which enables you to configure your monthly calendar, schedule appointments and manage your business hours. The software is suitable especially for users who administer a business and work long hours. It allows them to properly manage their time.

Decade PIM allows you to create comprehensive entries in your digital agenda, mentioning not only dates and places, but also people, telephone numbers, email addresses and birthdays. The software can display a dialog box each time you open it, notifying you if there are any birthdays registered for that particular day.

The application allows you to select whichever calendar view helps you the most: the daily view, with indicators of the events planned for the entire week, the monthly or yearly view. In the monthly view, you can observe all the appointments you made for the current month, marked at the corresponding hour, each day. Each event you pencil in into your calendar can be set for one single date or can be marked as recurrent.

Decade PIM can easily create two databases in which it stores the calendar entries and the contacts. Each person from your contact book can be marked down along with their telephone numbers, fax, emails, addresses, birth dates or titles. You can easily import or export entries in either of the databases.

Moreover, the software allows you to backup each data collection with a simple mouse click. Each database can be backed up individually or both can be processed at the same time. Alternatively, the information from either dataset can be restored to the software in a short time, with one mouse click.

Decade PIM is a reliable software that can assist you in planning your business day, week, month or year. Moreover, it offers you a word time tool, that can display the clock difference between your city and those of your associates. Additionally, you may set the calendar view according to your convenience: a 12/24 hour day or week format.