There are a few things in life that gamers simply dread. One of them is hitting the Windows key by mistake at an important moment in the game.

Those precious seconds spent trying to bring the game back up can mean the difference between life and death, especially in online games. But if you do not want to live with this fear anymore, then use Disable Windows Keys.

This can be a bit complex, but I will try to make it as easy as possible. So, you first need to open the program...and that's it. Literally, you open it and a window will appear saying the keys are deactivated.

But reactivating them is a totally different story, so please read carefully. In the top right corner of that window, click on the X button and it will close. And there you are, the windows keys are enabled again.

It may take some time to get used to these commands, but if you want to play whatever you want without the fear of minimizing the game by accident, it will be worth it.

All jokes aside, the program is incredibly useful and insanely easy to use. You just need to leave it open in the background and you will be able to play without having to be careful not to touch the cursed Windows key.

No more losing boss fights or being unceremoniously killed in online PvP games due to minimizing them by mistake. Unlike other gaming issues like lag, crashes or frame rate drops, this one is easy to keep under control.

As long as the PC is your gaming platform, you should definitely use this program. Why worry about minimizing the game by mistake when you can have this solved with an application so small you won't even know you have it running?