You can work with text under an abundance of file formats, but they’re not exactly supported by all text editors out there. Chances are you need text under a particular file, and your sources include DOCX and DOC. luckily, you can rely on specialized applications like Docx to RTF Converter for quick and efficient conversion.

One of the things which need to mentioned first is that your computer must be equipped with .NET Framework for things to go as intended, but it’s usually delivered in the default set of features with modern Windows iterations, so there’s a high chance it’s already there. More than that, conversion is done without having to install Microsoft Office first.

Features you work with are all found in a clean, intuitive interface. Files you add are enlisted in a table with column headers to display filename and operation status. File management functions are found in a side panel. You can manually pick different files from multiple locations, or use the browse dialog to load the content of an entire folder.

Unlike the name suggests, the application can process more than just DOCX files, allowing you to also convert DOC, DOT, and DOCM files. Different formats can be added to an operation, with the output file format always being RTF. The list can always be populated with more items and you can choose to remove unnecessary ones.

Hitting the convert button initiates the process, but not before you get to specify output options. A new window shows up, letting you choose a custom location to save the new files, but you can also save the the same location as the source files.

All in all, Docx to RTF Converter provides an intuitive and efficient method of converting Office Word files of formats like DOC and DOCX to a universal text container, namely RTF. Multiple file can be converted at a time, and the operation requires little effort on your behalf from start to end.