DomainWhoIs is a reliable software that enables you to find information regarding a domain or IP address, straight from your desktop. The application allows you to connect to one of the available WhoIs lookup servers and returns all the information it can identify regarding the object of the search.

DomainWhoIs allows you to locate information about the domain or IP address that interests you. Data such as full domain name, registrar or hosting server can be displayed in the dedicated area within the software’s interface. All you need to do is simply fill in the object of the search, then select one the of the available lookup servers.

The software lists a series of servers designated for this particular type of search. You can submit the same query to a multitude of servers, each in its turn. Both domain names and IP addresses can be submitted for detailed search. Additionally, The referral URL and connection status can be viewed in the results area.

The software can quickly return the information you require and display it in the information box. A progress bar indicates the evolution of the search and the time it takes to return the desired information. If the search fails, however, a message indicating that no entries were found is displayed.

You can easily search for the domain/IP address data on several lookup servers, that are listed by the software in the drop-down menu. The process is fast paced and allows you to gather the desired information, if it is available.

DomainWhoIs allows you to quickly identify the source of a particular domain or IP address, using the online services of popular searching servers. Thus, if an unknown IP address has accessed your page, you can identify its origin and verify if it is a threat or not. The software can return the results in a short time.