Depending on your location, content from various websites or streaming services may be blocked or limited, which is very inconvenient if whatever you are interested in isn’t available in your country.

To get around this issue, you can rely on a VPN service that masks your true location and allows you to access content restricted to certain regions. One option is DooFlixx, a small, rudimentary VPN client that provides access to a number of servers from around the world.

DooFlixx can be set up very quickly, as the installation process is straightforward and no advanced configurations need to be performed. When the main window comes up, you just have to select the server you want your connection to be routed through.

A large number of countries are supported, allowing you to access content that is restricted to those specific locations. Connections are established pretty much instantly, and you can switch to a different server at any time.

Once you’ve selected the right location, you can either minimize the application or close it altogether. The VPN will remain active until you launch the program again. However, it would have been great if DooFlixx could be sent to the system tray for easier management.

During our tests, we found that download and upload speeds, as well as ping, were affected quite significantly, which may be an issue when streaming high-quality videos, downloading content or even browsing the web.

When choosing a VPN service, it is important to know how data is managed and encrypted, whether or not peer-to-peer connections are blocked, if the VPN provider keeps traffic logs, and so on. Unfortunately, very little information is available about DooFlixx, so use it at your own risk.

While it worked fine during our tests, even though download and upload speeds were reduced significantly, this VPN client only offers a very basic set of features, and it doesn’t help that almost no information is available when it comes to how data is handled.

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