With nearly every mobile device nowadays equipped with a camera, media files on your computer more than sure count as a lot. What's more, repeated copying processes might accidentally leave duplicates that eat up space, but you can easily identify and remove them with applications such as Duplicate Video Search.

Accommodation isn't a problem and within the first few seconds you know exactly what to do. The main window is split into two panels, one that displays search results, while the other lets you fully configure all settings and filters.

In order to properly identify videos, you need to specify what folders to snoop through. You need to add at least one, and you can even target entire volumes or USB flash drives for a thorough search process. A neat feature is that subfolders are also included.

Furthermore, you can narrow down results even more by only picking file formats you frequently use. Support is decent, with types like AVI, MKV, MPG, MP4, 3GP, MOV and a few more. Sadly, there aren't any options to specify size or date related filters.

Before hitting the “Search” button you might also want to adjust the sensitivity slider because the result might not display anything. The process is done fast, with files displayed in the dedicated list along with thumbnails, path, size, length and resolution.

Once they are detected, the application automatically leaves the original item unchecked and selects all the others to make your job easier. It's then your time to take action, with options to process either duplicates or selected files and have them cut, copied to clipboard, as well as removed from your computer.

To sum it up, Duplicate Video Search is a handy little utility anyone can use to make sure space is not wasted with multiple videos of the same type, size and content. You quickly get the hang of it thanks to the highly-intuitive design, while the search process only lasts for several seconds, letting you quickly deal with duplicates.