DVD CD Blu-Ray Burner is a fairly simplistic, yet super useful program for those who wish to burn DVDs and CDs, or high-definition Blu-rays.

An uncomplicated approach when developing software solutions can take the product a long way. Most users are tired and visually overstimulated by repeated exposure to a ton of cool apps with a bunch of features and options. However, DVD CD Blu-Ray Burner is a program with a very specific name, a simple and modern design, and easy-to-follow steps.

For example, from within the same window, you directly are prompted with a window that lets you choose the optical drive location and its name. After choosing the desired driver, you can add and arrange the data disk (all the files that are going to be added); also, you can sort the files by name, their type, size, or path (which is particularly useful for identifying sub-directory elements).

In the same 'Data Disc' panel, you can further add files from other locations, add or create folders, remove individual elements or everything, in bulk, or simply erase the disc data, entirely. On the bottom side, the app also displays the disc size and the total used space. When you are done selecting the files you want to add, just click 'Start' to initiate the burning process.

This tool is especially suitable for users who like to get things done fast and with minimal effort. You can sort music, movies, recordings, and even short clips, pics, or documents on CDs, DVDs, Mini DVD, or Blu-Ray discs, in both single, read-only format and in reusable config (CD-RW, DVD-RW, Mini DVD-RW, and Blu-ray-RW).

All things considered, DVD CD Blu-Ray Burner is convenient to use and manages to deliver exactly what it promises: simplicity and efficiency.