Larger hard drives enable you to store more data, but they also make it a lot easier to forget about files that you no longer need and are taking up valuable disk space for no reason. Finding these files is not easy, unless you have a specialized tool to rely on.

Easy Disk Cleaner is one such utility, a relatively simple application that can help you find particularly large files and delete them in a few easy steps. It lacks advanced features, however, so its usefulness is rather limited.

The application is quite simple to use. Once launched, you can either scan any of the available drives or add a particular folder you wish to analyze. The scan is completed very quickly, so you shouldn’t have to wait for too long.

After the data is gathered, the program displays the largest files to be found in a list, as well as in the form of a chart. You can then choose to organize them by size, type, extension or date.

No other noteworthy features are available, and the only filter that can be used limits the dimensions of the files that are displayed in the results.

It would have been great if the application at least enabled you to locate and remove duplicate files, but it can still come in handy if you simply have to find and get rid of large items that you may not have need of.

On the whole, Easy Disk Cleaner isn’t a particularly versatile piece of software, though it does its job well enough. It can help you find large files and remove them, as well as quickly delete all items of a particular type. It is also very user-friendly, as it features a very intuitive UI.