Easy File Hider is a desktop software app designed to help you hide your files and folders with as little effort as possible.

Installing the application is a simple process that does not require any other effort from the user than choosing the preferred setting (run at Windows startup, remove from add/remove programs list) and following the instructions on the screen.

The application is wrapped in a simple, clean and straightforward interface. There should be no configuration issues to any kind of users, even those less familiarized with his type of software.

Simply add the items that you wish to hide into the main window and then hide them with one click of the mouse. Files can be imported using either the browse button or the drag-and-drop support. Once listed, details such as full path, name, type and status (visible or hidden) can be analyzed.

Easy File Hider gives you the possibility to hide multiple items at the same time. The files remain listed even after they were hidden, allowing you to access them at any time. More than that, it comes with a search feature that enables you to easily find any item.

Furthermore, you can set the program to automatically rename the files upon hiding them, and to prevent access from the recent file list (the original names will be restored upon making them visible again).

For even better protection, you can set a password that will be required every time when you try to access the program.

It supports a list of shortcuts for most of its functions to make it easier to use. You can employ a combination of hotkeys, such a “Ctrl + N” to add new files, “Ctrl + D” to add folders, “Ctrl + H” to hide the selected items, and “Ctrl + V” to show the hidden files.

To sum it up, Easy File Hider proves to be a useful and reliable software tool that lets you easily hide your files and folders with just one click of the mouse.