EasyHideIP.com Easy Hide Your IP and Surf Anonymously is a small Windows application whose purpose is to help you hide your IP address while you are surfing on the Internet.

It manages to do so by connecting to different proxies from all over the world and changing your real IP address with a fake one.

You should closely monitor the setup process, as the program offers to download and install some third-party software tools that have nothing to do with its functionality.

The application does not impress in the visual department. It looks plain and integrates all of the configuration settings in single panel.

A help manual is not included in the package but some tips about tweaking the utility’s settings are revealed at the bottom part of the main window. The tips cannot be hidden from the GUI.

EasyHideIP.com Easy Hide Your IP and Surf Anonymously gives you the possibility to scan for proxy servers. It automatically connects to different websites with lists of proxies and reveals the results in the primary panel. On the downside, the scan process is slow.

You are allowed to choose the preferred server that you want to connect to, enable or disable the IP hiding mode, view information about your real IP address and country, as well as change your browser’s user agent.

All things considered, EasyHideIP.com Easy Hide Your IP and Surf Anonymously delivers a straightforward software solution for helping you hide your real IP address. However, it needs several improvements for speeding up the proxy scan mode and making the GUI look more intuitive and cleaner.