EasyTelemarketer is an intuitive program that comes in handy for users who need to keep track of daily calls, conversations or answers, then create a report at the end of the day. The software acts like a digital agenda, which is designed to help you increase your work productivity and monitor the number of calls in a very easy manner.

EasyTelemarketer is designed for users who work in customer service, who receive or make a multitude of phone calls every day. The application allows you to mark a phone call as soon as you pick up the earpiece. It features separate counters for dialed numbers, conversation and positive answers. The ‘Interest’ counter is designed to be increased when you receive a positive answer or resolution from a customer/client/supplier.

The software allows you to keep four short reminders that you can easily modify by adding or removing CRM notes. Simply open the CRM History Notes from the ‘File’ menu, then select the note you wish to view and add it to the quick reminder. The CRM notes function allows you to store a series of messages and access them at any time.

EasyTelemarketer can generate a daily report, that depicts the number of dials, conversations or answers you received. The report displays the name of the user who recorded the calls, as well as the system date, therefore, the software prompts you to enter your user name. You can create the report by clicking the ‘End of the day’ button, then print the form.

Moreover, you may keep EasyTelemarketer on top of other windows or view it in column mode, in the corner of your screen. This way, you can continue your work without being bothered by the call counter.

EasyTelemarketer prompts you to enter your username when you open it, in order to generate a complete report. However, it does not require a password or a different authentication method, in order to protect the daily activity of a particular user. This is a potential security and credibility issue, since there is no real way to verify if the activity was recorded by a particular user.