Emby Theater acts as a client for Emby Server, enabling you to enjoy your favorite music and videos on any computer in the network. With its help, you can gain access to your media library and play multimedia content on a remote workstation.

Configuring the server-client connection is easy, considering you just have to enter the server's IP address and port number in order to sign in, but not before generating an API key for Emby Theater in Emby Server. Alternatively, you can login via Emby Connect, so as to avoid having to specify the server configuration details.

Once connected, Emby Theater displays a list of all the folders in your library, exactly as you have organized them during server setup. The application enables you to sort files in your library by various criteria, such as the file name, the rating, the creation date, IMDb rating or release date.

You can view videos and music files in your personal collection and start playing any of them, without downloading or sharing the file. To be more exact, the server streams multimedia content over the network and Emby Theater acts as a client that connects to the server's library.

Aside from playing videos and music from Emby Server, the application can also fetch media content from an external disc and connect to external media players to open specific types of files.

The built-in player is completely configurable, with customizable audio and video rendering options, streaming bitrate and filter set.

Together with its server counterpart, Emby Theater implements a powerful media sharing and streaming solution, enabling you to enjoy videos and audio files you like on any computer in your network. As a server client, Emby Theater can be granted direct access to the multimedia content, without requiring additional resources for transcoding.