Eylean Tasks is a task management application that can be seamlessly integrated into the Start Screen or Menu of Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.

It's a Metro app that features boards and templates for creating week planners, Kanban (an inventory-control system to manage the supply chain), priorities, scrum (for agile software development), and tutorials.

The tool can be downloaded and installed from the Windows Store with minimum effort on your behalf. The Modern UI looks professional and clean, showing large tiles for boards along with planned and completed work.

To add a new board, right-click somewhere on the window to bring up the app commands bar, set a name, and pick a template or create an empty board.

Empty boards can be filled with tasks, week planners give you the possibility to add tasks for each day of the week, set due dates and create checklists, while Kanban boards have three columns for organizing tasks to do, doing and done.

Priority boards have six columns for the backlog, tasks with the first, second or third priority, as well as doing and done. Scrum boards have columns for the product and sprint backlog, doing, and done. Lastly, tutorials have columns for welcome, dashboard, card management, and productivity tips.

It's possible to import and export information to file (for backup purposes), manage archives, put together lists, organize tasks by date, expand and collapse lists with tasks and subtasks, keep track of time, generate reports, view a burndown chart for progress evaluation, and so on. Most of these features requires you to purchase the software product, however.

All in all, Eylean Tasks proves to be a versatile and intuitive track tracking application, ideal for teams.