If you're the secretive type and would like to keep a personal diary without carrying a big block of notes with you, then trying this app is a must for you. You can log into EZ Diary and take notes when you feel like it. The system is well organized, and you'll always find space and ideas to write more, so start typing and blow off some steam without actually snapping at anyone. Otherwise, you could simply keep a log of your daily activities, and it would still be good.

It's quite simple. You will have to add a new diary and then subsequent entries to it. Each entry can be color-coded and, provided you pay for the full experience, you have the option of adding your location as well. It's simple to use and quite refreshing to write about your feelings or whatever it is that keeps bothering you.

Another interesting thing you can do is keep a log of your activities. This could work as a captain's log, with different color codes for different logs, depending, maybe, on the day or on activities you have to complete. There are plenty of options. Just mix and match. The tools are all over there. EZ Diary is an application that's quite easy to use.

As far as usability is concerned, there aren't any issues. No lag and definitely no crashes. There are a couple of pesky ads, in the unpaid version, but those can easily go unnoticed when you're trying to exteriorize your soul on virtual paper. The menus are all snappy and as a result, you don't have to wait for anything to load.

EZ Diary is an application worth taking into account if you like keeping track of events in your life or simply would like to put your thoughts on paper and check them as you grow older. The application performs quite well and could easily substitute your classic diary.