EZ Outliner is, as its name reveals, an application that can be used as a planner or organizer for any type of list that can be formatted as an outline.

Having such a list can help us in a variety of ways, as we can plan ahead and be sure that we don't forget anything important.

EZ Outliner is simple to use, and its user interface is designed to both create and access your lists quickly. Before adding a new series of lists you will first have to create a project, where your lists will be safely kept.

To create a list, you only need to click on the big plus button, add a name to it and, from there, start adding your items to it.

The program offers an easy way to organize your lists and the items they include. By simply dragging and dropping an element, you can move it around and place it exactly where you want it to be.

You can use this application for various types of outlines. You can create grocery lists so you won't forget something important for your meal, or you can create a shopping list with links to the product's page so you can always check if one of them has a discount available.

But the program should not only be used for shopping lists. You can use it for plans, schedules, or for outlining speeches and presentations as well. Anything else that can take the shape of an outline can be created with the application, you name it.

Stop worrying about forgetting stuff you need to buy or meetings you need to attend, as EZ Outliner will always be there to remind you about what's important.