FaceLogin is a security login application that enables you to authenticate yourself as a particular user when opening your computer. The software features advanced face recognition algorithms and allows you to login, by simply looking into the webcam. Once the software recognizes the face, it grants immediate access to the computer.

The software can create several users who are granted access to the computer and its functions. It is easy to configure them, since all you need to do is assign each account to an already existing computer username. Thus, each of these persons can use the computer as the selected user. Administrative rights are required in order to modify these accounts.

Each account requires a username, a password and several images containing the face of the person you wish recognized. The more photos you load, the higher the chance that the software can recognize the person quicker. Both the password and the face recognition are required for logging in.

FaceLogin requires that a webcam is installed and functioning, since it needs to capture an exact image of your face. The software recommends that you load images of faces that are looking straight forward and into the camera. The face recognition algorithms used include the Eigen method, Fisher and Local Binary Patterns Histograms. The software can use all three algorithms combined and return the most accurate result.

You also need to set the similarity threshold, meaning the accepted percentage of similarity determined by the face comparison. The software can take a series of pictures of you, in order to grant you access to the computer, the default number being set to three photos.

Confidence thresholds are the results of the face detection algorithms: the lower the value, the higher the confidence. FaceLogin allows you to set these levels at any desired value, but you may also disable them. The software offers an extra security verification of the person who wished to use a computer, which comes in handy if the data stored on that computer are private and sensitive.