Fast Text is a feature-rich yet easy-to-use application designed to provide a simple and easy way to create, edit and format text files, and comes bundled with a simple web browser, and a small calculator, to surf the Internet and make simple operations.

It's wrapped in an accessible yet hard to decipher layout. The buttons are small, while the background is poorly optimized, making it difficult to see all the options. The tool takes little space on the hard drive, while the window can be manually rescaled, by dragging the edges to the desired length.

In order to create a new record, you just have to start typing. If you want to open an existing document from the computer, simply browse its location, and it's automatically loaded into the panel. From the menu, the page configurations can be changed before printing, while the supported file types for both open and save options are RTF, TXT and HTML.

You can easily copy and paste content from another source, as well as find and replace words with different ones. Plus, the undo and redo arrows come in handy if you wish to go back to the original text. A nice feature is the built-in web browser, which loads sites at a fast pace, and comes with a few basic navigational controls, for a simple and quick session.

It offers various elements to customize the composition, such as font type, style, color, and size, along with background tints, sentence alignment, images, and word counter. What's more, compared with other similar tools, it provides a small calculator that helps you to do simple operations, like addition, subtraction and multiplication, as well as a dice function, for randomizing numbers.

To sum it up, Fast Text is a software utility, which provides an efficient method to compose important text documents, making calculations and browsing webpages, without unnecessary functions to clutter the layout even more.