File security is a major concern for anyone who wants their personal or important information hidden from prying eyes. FileStream Secure Disk is a crafty piece of software that can help you attain a high level of security for your private files, by creating an encrypted safe for them.

The application allows you to build a secure safe on your computer or on a floppy disk drive, in which you can encrypt your sensitive data. Access to this vault is done using login credentials, meaning that anyone that does not know them cannot access your information. Furthermore, you can use a different encryption algorithm for your vault by choosing either AES or Blowfish, each with its advantages and vulnerabilities, although being some of the most secure cyphers nowadays.

On top of that, you can specify the size of each created secure disk, optimizing it for what you are going to store in it. For example, you can make a small disk for documents, then a larger one for music or images, as these tend to occupy more space.

FileStream Secure Disk provides you with the tools required to edit each created encrypted safe in just a couple of seconds. This way, you can alter your username or password required at login, in case these have been compromised.

You can even change the encryption algorithm of the safe, if you consider that the original one does not comply with your security standards.

To conclude, FileStream Secure Disk is ideal for creating encrypted and password protected drives for your private files. The application is versatile enough to store these secure drives on your hard disk or portable flash devices, and it could be further improved by adding more methods of encryption.